Free Thanksgiving Messages

Find a perfect happy Thanksgiving messages, Thanksgiving wishes and sayings to write in your Thanksgiving greeting cards. Never run out of words again. brings to you a collection of exclusively unique messages that you could use on the auspicious day. We have general Happy Thanksgiving card messages; some for grandparents, kids, parents, family in general, best friends and also religious ones for use among community fellows. Words can speak a thousand emotions and our Thanksgiving messages are easily one of the best ways to express how you feel and how you want the recipients to feel.

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Happy Thanksgiving Messages

What you have done for me is more than you'll ever know...You've given me a little piece of who you are through your tender care. I will always remember that! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you were here this Thanksgiving. Being grateful that I have you in my life on this day and always! Happy Thanksgiving!

You make me smile. That's why I wish you could be here with me this Thanksgiving! Hope that you have a holiday as wonderful as you've always made mine!

Thanksgiving Messages For Family

Happy Thanksgiving To Our Son and His Family...We could never fully explain to you how much you are loved nor how proud we are to have you in our family. We wanted you to know that we appreciate you just for being you and the joy that you bring into our lives.

If only I could give you everything you've ever wished. I'd promise you the most wonderful Thanksgiving and I would seal it with a kiss! Happy Thanksgiving To A Special Grandson and His Family!

A great brother, that's what you've been to me. I'm so glad to have you in my life and in our family. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Messages For Grandparents

Happy Thanksgiving To My Grandparents...No matter where I am and no matter what I do, my mind if full of wonderful holidays that I spent with you! Thank you and I'm sending wishes for many more beautiful holidays together!

God has blessed me with a beautiful grandmother like you. I'm just thankful, thankful, thankful!! Happy Thanksgiving, Grandmom!

Our family would not be the same without you, Grandma. We are all so grateful to you for just being who you are! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Messages For Parents

Happy Thanksgiving To My Awesome Parents...You've done everything that you could to make our lives happy, meaningful, and fantastic. For that...we are eternally grateful! We love you! Happy Thanksgiving!

You make my holiday what it of the most precious times that I get to spend with my beautiful and loving parents. I'm grateful to have you both in my life. Happy Thanksgiving With Love!

SOOOO MUCH! That's what I'm grateful for and that includes having awesome parents like you! Happy Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad!

Thanksgiving Messages For Kids

I could tell you all day how much you mean to me, but then, we would both miss this great opportunity to eat like there's no tomorrow!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Love you much!

Hope your 1st Thanksgiving is a turkey tasting, lip smacking, baby babbling good one! Happy Turkey Day, Baby!

We are all so blessed to have someone like you to love in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving To Our Special Blessing!

Thanksgiving Messages From Secret Pal

If I told you who I am it would take all of the fun out of this mysterious Thanksgiving wish! Happy Thanksgiving from Your Secret Pal!

It's a great big secret and I'm a part of it, too. It's full of holiday wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving just for you!

Religious Thanksgiving Messages

Each Thanksgiving brings with it tons of opportunities for treasured memories and moments of spiritual reflection. May God bless you on Thanksgiving and always!

We should be grateful everyday for what God has done for us. Take time this Thanksgiving to give Him thanks and praise!

May you have all the things that you love and, most importantly, the blessings from God above! Happy Thanksgiving!