Happy Thanksgiving Quotes

Thanksgiving traditions include the smells of turkey roasting, pumpkin pie baking, and cranberries cooking that make your mouth water and the togetherness of family and friends. Giving thanks for all the bounty you have received makes Happy Thanksgiving messages for your friends and family that much sweeter. Whether celebrating together or apart, the Happy Thanksgiving quotes you write in your Thanksgiving cards will let them know how thankful you are to have them in your life. We know that they will smile and give thanks for you in return. We here at www.Thanksgiving-Messages.com wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

You know it’s the people, like you, that make Thanksgiving really important. Hope your day is great!

You make me smile. That’s why I wish you could be here with me this Thanksgiving! Hope that you have a holiday as wonderful as you’ve always made mine!

Thanksgiving wishes for a day of togetherness, precious moments, and an abundance of blessings!

May your Thanksgiving celebration be one that you, your family, and loved ones will always hold in your hearts. Hope that it’s the Happiest Thanksgiving Ever!

Wishing you a sweet and wonderful Thanksgiving From All Of Us!

When I search my mind for those that mean the most to me you are among those wonderful memories of friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving To Your Beautiful Family You have the perfect ingredients for an awesome holiday happiness, sweetness, kindness, and love! Enjoy the blessings of this wonderful day!

We may not be able to spend our Thanksgiving together, but you should know that I will be eating my share and your share of turkey to make it feel like you’re here!! Happy Thanksgiving!

When I think of how much I have been blessed, I think of how blessed I am to have you in my life! Happy Thanksgiving!

Having beautiful people like you in my life is what makes the Thanksgiving holiday the great blessing that it is! Hope your day is as wonderful as you!

May your Thanksgiving be abundantly wonderful!

Sending Thanksgiving wishes for a blessed and wonderful holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s no surprise that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. After that big meal, everyone is sure to have the strength and energy to get a good day of shopping in!

Thanksgiving wishes for a day that’s loving, family filled, and full of flavor! Happy Thanksgiving!

Be careful! There’s always a group just waiting to dive into that Thanksgiving feast. Try not to get hurt with any forks or spoons!

Blessed moments, happy family, and a feast fit for a king. I hope that your Thanksgiving is even better than that!!

Bring it on! I’m sure you have a list of food too long to include on this card Happy Thanksgiving!

Did you get them yet?? Get what, you ask? All of those prayers and thoughts that I’ve been sending your way!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Eating Thanksgiving with you is great because you don’t stare when I go for thirds! Thanksgiving Wishes To You!

Fall is a great season. It’s when we get to eat like we’re crazy and nobody makes you feel bad about it! Happy Thanksgiving!

Far away, but not far from heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

Good, better, best .That’s what I’m wishing for you this Thanksgiving Good friends, even better food, and the best holiday ever!

Grateful for great friends like you especially at Thanksgiving! Hope your holiday is awesome!

Having you in my life makes my holiday memories even more precious! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope my neighbors don’t pitch a fit because I stole their Thanksgiving cards but I thought you REALLY deserved something that was beyond basic! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope that you get this special Thanksgiving wish in time. I’m wishing that you have a day that’s full of precious memories, blessings, and smiles!

Hope that your Thanksgiving is more than just a day of blessings. I’m hoping it’s a year of wonderful!

Hope you have a pie-in-the-sky holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hoping that the warmth of the season fills your home and your heart! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hoping that you have a Thanksgiving that’s basically beautiful. Enjoy!

Hoping that your holiday is a bounty of joy! Happy Thanksgiving!

I am grateful for so many things in my life. You are included in that! Happy Thanksgiving, Friend!

I have awesome memories of you and they always make my holiday warmer and more special! Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to cry. But instead, I’ll just eat the Thanksgiving feast with reckless abandon! Hey, I need a way to vent! Missing You At Thanksgiving!

I’m wishing on the brightest star that this Thanksgiving you’ll be near and not far. But, if you can’t and my wish doesn’t come true, I’m wishing that your holiday is extra special like you! Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve stopped counting You’ve been so kind to me, I’ve lost count! Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s something no one ever talks about. But, I just have to say something Maybe we should reconsider WHERE and HOW we stuff the turkey There has to be an alternative! Happy Thanksgiving!

Just like the beautiful colors of the most perfect fall leaves, that’s how bountiful and gorgeous that I hope your Thanksgiving is, even though we cannot be together! Happy Thanksgiving!

May the beauty and bounty of Thanksgiving fill your day and your year!

May the joy of Thanksgiving fill your heart! Happy Thanksgiving!

May you enjoy blessings of every size this Thanksgiving!

May your Thanksgiving be a day of comfort, love, and gratefulness! Happy Thanksgiving!

May your Thanksgiving be even warmer than the turkey and stuffing! Enjoy!

May your Thanksgiving be filled with a beautiful bounty and a great crew of loving helpers to make the day even better! Happy Thanksgiving!

May your absolute favorite foods fill your holiday feast! Happy Thanksgiving!

May your holiday be filled with the love, companionship, and happiness that you deserve. Happy Thanksgiving!

Memories of the people that we can’t live without..that’s what the holidays are about! Happy Thanksgiving!

More than just a basket of the season’s harvest fruits. This is a basket of happiness that I’m sending to you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

My thoughts of you are as sweet as pumpkin pie! Happy Thanksgiving!

No matter what you call your food, when Thanksgiving rolls around your mouth is usually way too full to worry about calling it anything but good! Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the most wonderful blessings that I’ve ever received is reading this card now! Happy Thanksgiving To You!

Space can’t erase the love that we have in our hearts for each other. I’m thankful for that! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankfully thinking of a thoughtful you! Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a day for remembering, reconnecting, and really appreciating! May your Thanksgiving be amazing!

Thanksgiving is great but the “after-Thanksgiving” is even greater! That’s when you get the peace, solace, and nap that you really need! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the one day that you can yell, “JUST EAT IT!” and nobody gets offended! Enjoy the bird!

The heart seems much closer than the mailbox! I know because you are always in mine! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tradition and family good food and good friends may the blessings of the season never end! Happy Thanksgiving!

We are sending Thanksgiving wishes to thee! Now, that’s really taking it back to basics!

We hope that you have a beautiful Thanksgiving! Happy Holiday!

What you have done for me is more than you’ll ever know You’ve given me a little piece of who you are through your tender care. I will always remember that! Happy Thanksgiving!

When it comes to your Thanksgiving food and fun I just hope that it’s all good!

Wishing you a Thanksgiving that’s chocked full of happiness, great times, and good health!

Wishing you a season of happiness and beauty. Hoping that the blessings of the holiday follow you today and always! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you were here this Thanksgiving Being grateful that I have you in my life on this day and always! Happy Thanksgiving!

You are on my mind and always in my heart! Happy Thanksgiving!

Yummy thoughts, priceless memories, and a flavorful day of happiness That’s what Thanksgiving is all about! Hope yours is beautiful!